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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Eerie & Scary, Green With Envy Voo Doo Halloween "Corpse Bride" VooDoo Art Goth Doll by EerieBeth

She's Alive! She's Alive .... Please stop by and visit ME Eerie and my Handmade friends here....... check the links below ..... for all EerieBeth's & FosterChildWhimsy's Handmade Dolls.

My Corpse Bride VooDoo Art Goth Doll ALL IN FUN YaLL 

 {{ $39.99 + Shipping}} If you want me to invoice you through Paypal(which also accepts Debit/Credit Cards Through My Paypal (or)Email Me at (or) if you see on Facebook - Send me a personal message through there :) 

HONESTLY - Truly ALL In Fun! The OTHER SIDE OF ME EerieBeth aka Karen E. Blevins

I play and DO ART FOR FUN! This is my art and not to offend anyone - I just like to SPREAD MY WINGS AND FLY - We all know Flights take us places and sometimes where we don't expect to end up! SOOOOoooooo The OTHER ME wishes to show you one of "Arts Flights" 

My Corpse Bride here got into too many coffins setting her fellow ghouls free. 

She is 15" tall and completed her eerie MISSION.

The rusty nail and flying scull head are her fave to collect. Lucky number 13 and well never seen a coffin you need a key for huh? You can either sit her on a shelf OR hang her from a nail on your wall. She does have a string loop on the back of her head if you choose to do so. She is O.O.A.K,(One Of A Kind), comes signed by me.

My dolls are made for home decor and not meant to be a Toy!

You Can Find MORE Of My Art Here @ My SheCollectsICreate Shop