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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Here SHE Is! My Pink Punk Goth Monster Doll "Whisper" Just In Time For Halloween :)

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ALL My Dolls are made for home decor and NOT meant to be a Toy

Here she is my newest Pink Punk Goth Monster Doll "Whisper"

She's Eerie N Sweet! Whisper comes 15 inches tall with her freaky fun face, braided pink black hair with skull heads. All punked out from head to toe. An original O.O.A.K. (One Of A Kind) Handmade with ♥ & my own pattern design. Comes signed by me. Her body is adorned with skull heads and she is dressed in silver black skull lace.

I have painted and stitched her face. One BIG flower button for one eye and a glitter button for her other. I had so much fun sewing skulls all over, mostly pink but two green ones in her braided pigtails.

WHISPER is made by me with WICKED ♥

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